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"Any fool can write code that a computer can understand.

Good programmers write code that humans can understand"
Martin Fowler

A Matter of Method

When developing technological solutions and providing services, even before high technical expertise, we consider essential the application of modern and acknowledged methodologies.

Cross Fertilization

Inside our work of creating and integrating solutions and innovative technologies we daily operate a continuous transfer of methodologies, technologies and processes between different application areas. In many cases this flexibility allows to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our technological solutions.

Project Management


for complex tasks, defined a priori or disinclined to changes

AGILE mode

for activities that require rapid deployment, flexibility and many modifications

HYBRID modes

for complex and inclined to changes tasks

Software Life Cycle Management


Design Patterns

SOA (Service Oriented Architecture)

TDD (Test Driven Development)

OOD/HOOD (Object Oriented Design)

Versioning Systems

Service Management

Trouble Ticketing Systems (e.g. JIRA)

ITIL methodologies