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"Design and programming are human activities; forget that and all is lost."
Bjarne Stroustrup

Microtecna Engineering

is a Swiss society specialized in the application development of innovative products and processes.


Our mission is to support the client companies in the development and integration of new technologies for the achievement and the overcoming of the Industry 4.0 paradigms.


A strong connection between applied research, production technologies, automation models and industrial safety, computer systems and infrastructures, communication systems (inside and outside companies), with particular attention to cloud technologies and cyber-security.


The expertise of Microtecna Engineering's team covers a wide spectrum of sciences and technologies and the experience gained in hundreds of completed projects guarantees the realization of innovative solutions and their maintenance throughout the life cycle.

Customer Focus

Close collaboration with customers allows us to offer highly customized solutions that are 100% tailored to the specific needs expressed by the customer.

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